We are officially rounding the corner to the end of yet another spectacular year. As always, we give you a plethora of data at the end of the year but we wanted to provide you with a little inside scoop on our mid-year stats.

So far this year we have seen you play 4.6 MILLION rounds of Golf! For all of 2021 there were a total of 9.3 million rounds played, let’s see if we can surpass that this year. Although, it looks like only 2.37 million rounds have been saved (it’s ok, we don’t save the bad rounds either 😬).

Auto Shot Tracking has taken off and we have seen 52.6 MILLION shots tracked! We didn’t know how much you would love this feature but it seems to speak for itself.

Our hole preview feature is something we know sets us above the rest. You all seem to think so too with over 752,000 holes previewed from January- July. So far this year we have 1,651-course updates this year so far, including 45 new courses added in June alone!

We LOVE seeing these numbers and we can’t wait to see the whole year’s collection in December. Until then, we will see you out on the course!