If you use Golfshot and Apple, your voice just got more powerful.

Introducing Siri shortcuts, where you can now ask Siri how far are you from the green, without taking your phone out of your pocket. If you already have Siri enabled, when you start a round on Golfshot you will be prompted to set up Siri shortcuts with Golfshot.

You can enable Siri for Golfshot at any time by accessing Golfshot in your iOS Settings> Golfshot> Siri & Search> Turn ON the option to ‘Use with Siri’.  If you do not have it enabled already, setting up this shortcut is extremely simple, here’s how:

Siri is a great piece when just asking information about the distance to the green. We have also added Auto-advance with Voice Hole Information to the app. These combined settings will allow you to get the hole information as you approach the tee, without having to look at your phone, ask it or click on it. By having auto-advance and voice hole information turned on, you will be given the specs of the hole such as which hole you are on, the par for the hole and the distance.

Setup Auto-Advance & Voice Hole Information:

During your round, select the in-round menu from the GPS screen> Select Voice and Auto-Advance> Turn ON Auto Advance to next hole AND Voice Hole Information.  

Green Finder with Bose!

The Golfshot Green Finder feature assists you with locating the green when visual obstructions prevent easily targeting your next shot. This helps in cases when hazards obscure your view, such as aggressive doglegs, large hills, or bunkers. As you position your gaze closer to the direction of the green, you will receive an audio cue via your Bose device. This feature keeps you oriented in the right direction of your green target for consistent accuracy on the course. 

Enable Green Finder Feature:

If you have a BOSE AR device, you can enable this feature during your Round. Open the in round menu> Tap on Voice and Auto-Advance> Enable the Green Finder Feature. 

While connected to your BOSE AR Frames, Triple Tap on the side of the device to enable the Green Finder. You’ll notice the 3D sound that helps guide you to the Target. Upon Locking On to the Green, the BOSE AR device will Chime and disable. 

Adjust your Background GPS Settings:

During your round, select the in round Menu> Scroll down and select Settings> GPS, Scoring, Caddie> Background GPS> Lengthen the period of time that Golfshot can access your location while the app is backgrounded. This setting will ensure that Golfshot is on the right hole when you ask Siri for Distances.

The longer the period of time you choose, the more strain it may put on your device’s battery. Even when changing this setting to ‘Always On’, you should be able to get through an 18 hole round without a problem, but you may notice that Golfshot uses more battery when setting to ‘Always On’.

You can also change this setting from the general Golfshot settings. Just tap Settings> GPS, Scoring, Caddie> Background GPS.



**You can activate your Siri Shortcuts for Golfshot with any compatible device with iOS12 installed.