With a pandemic sweeping the globe, just about every sport was put on hold, including Golf. Without the NBA, MLB, NHL, and PGA, some people resorted to watching arm wrestling and the sharpest knife speed competition race.

However, as Golf is an outdoor sport, can be played alone or in small groups, it was still considered safe in some parts of the world. With this being the case, many newcomers willingly jumped on board. To those new to the game, we wanted to welcome you and give you some tips on starting your journey with Golfshot!


  • First things first, once you’ve set up your profile, sync your courses! To Sync with your region please open Settings > Synced Regions > then choose your State or Country and set to ON > then press Sync. All the courses in the region you choose will immediately be downloaded and ready to play. If you do this before you head out to the course, while connected to Wi-Fi or data, the sync will be much quicker!


  • Set up your equipment! If you’re a Pro member, setting up your equipment will be crucial to helping your Golfshot caddie learn more about you, and help you become a better golfer! You can enter in your equipment by opening the Settings > Equipment > Press the add equipment icon at the top of the screen > And select add New. Select your equipment type and specify the make and model you use from there.


  • Connect your GHIN (if applicable). Before you head out to your first round, make sure you connect your GHIN to your Golfshot account!


  • Set up your caddie! Head to Settings> GPS, Scoring, Caddie. Here you will find your Auto Advance settings, watch settings, and background GPS settings. Select your period of time that Golfshot can access your location while the app is backgrounded.  The longer the period of time you choose, the more strain it may put on your device’s battery. Even when changing this setting to ‘Always On’, you should be able to get through an 18 hole round without a problem, but you may notice that Golfshot uses more battery when set to ‘Always On’.


  • Utilize your Free Trial! If you’ve never purchased Pro or Plus before, you are eligible for a free trial, test it out for a week before you buy it!


For more tips and support, make sure to visit our FAQ’s here! If you have further questions or need any assistance, reach out to our support team, support@golfshot.com.