We’re very proud and excited to introduce two, new talented golfers to Team Golfshot– let’s give a warm welcome to Taylor Underhill and Max Milton!

In recent years, it’s been shown that the golfing world has made remarkable shifts in demographics, with an increasing number of junior golfers making their mark on the sport. Since 2018, there has been roughly a 40% increase in youth golfers according to NGF–that’s over 1 million juniors–who are just as excited to be a part of the game as everyone else. Junior ranks for females is also at an all time high, sitting at more than 36%. In plain terms, golf is becoming younger and cooler. The surge in participation of these young players is not only reshaping the landscape of golf, but also inspiring a new generation and taking the competition level to new heights. 

In looking at where the game of golf is growing, Golfshot wants to be part of developing and supporting the next generation of golfers. We could think of no better way to do that than to have two junior golfers join our team to help promote and grow the game. 

Taylor Underhill (14) comes to us with a stellar track record in junior tournaments, showcasing incredible precision and finesse on the course. Taylor was named after her dad’s TaylorMade golf clubs, but she didn’t start playing golf when she was little–her golf journey began in October of 2018, just before she turned 9, when her grandfather took her to her first lesson. Three months later, in January 2019, she competed in her first tournament with the Girls Golf of Phoenix and she has been hooked ever since.

Over the last 5 years, Taylor has participated in tournaments with every major association Arizona has to offer. These include, Arizona Junior Golf, Southwest PGA, US Kids Golf, First Tee of Phoenix, Girls Golf, Junior Golf Association of Arizona and she most recently began participating in tournaments with the American Junior Golf Association.

Taylor has competed in countless tournaments, placing in the top five for the majority of them, including over 70 wins. In 2021, Taylor was accepted into the Double Eagle Club after making an albatross during tournament play at Ocotillo Golf Club in Chandler, AZ. She took home first place in all six events during the US Kids Summer Phoenix Tour in 2023, including the tour championship. 

In August of 2022 Taylor qualified and competed in the US Kids World Championship held at Pinehurst and has since qualified and received invitations to compete in the US Kids Teen World Championship in 2023 and 2024. She also qualified and competed in the IMG Junior World Championship in 2022 and 2023 in San Diego.

Taylor’s dedication to her sport is something you don’t see in most 14 year old girls. Halfway through 6th grade, she decided to leave her friends and attend a new school catered to athletes. This has given her the opportunity to dedicate hours every day to practice. She spends at least 2-4 hours–depending on homework–at the course perfecting her craft. She is living proof that hard work pays off.

Aside from the medals and trophies from tournaments, some of her most cherished achievements weren’t won for her skill on the course. In 2022, she was awarded the “Sportsmanship Award” by the Junior Golf Association of Arizona and this last December she was awarded with the Girls Golf of Phoenix “Empower Award,” an award that represents the girl that others look up to, can call on for mentorship and leadership and is considered the highest honor for the Girls Golf program. Her biggest goal is to be a role model for the future generation of junior golfers by setting a continuous example of hard work, dedication, kindness and positivity.

We are SO excited to have Taylor as a Team Golfshot member, and show that with talent, determination and a fierce competitive spirit, she’s an inspiration and proving that gender and age are no obstacle on the course. 

And let’s also welcome Max Milton (14) – a rising star whose natural talent and determination have already turned heads in the golfing community. Max is from Polson, Montana and is in the graduating class of 2028. With an impressive 4.0 GPA, Max demonstrates the profound dedication to academic excellence, while also working on his passion for golf. His notable achievements throughout his short career speak volumes about his commitment and skill. Max is also great friends with Ryggs Johnston, one of our other Team Golfshot members, and has often credited Ryggs as one of his golfing mentors. 

In 2023, Max claimed the title of Montana State Junior Champion, marking a huge milestone in his golfing journey. Furthermore, Max went on to be the youngest ever player to win his club’s championship, as well as earning 4th place in the Optimist International. Currently holding the 49th position on the Junior Golf Scoreboard for the class of 2028, Max remains driven to continually enhance his skills and strive for excellence in every way. For all of these reasons, we felt like Max would be an excellent member of Team Golfshot, and we cannot wait to grow this relationship with him.

We are so excited to have Taylor and Max as members of Team Golfshot, and we cannot wait to see where their journey takes them! Here’s to many victories, memorable moments, and endless success together!