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Course Update Report – December 2018

2018 has officially come to a close, and we are ready for lots of Golf in 2019! This month, our team updated a total of 72 courses, with 29 of those being in the United States and 43 International courses. If you notice your course needs updating, just email an image...

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2018 Golfshot Year in Review

As the 2018 golf year comes to a close, we wanted to thank all of our Golfshot members for another wonderful year! Thanks to your feedback and dedication to our ever growing community, we’ve put together some facts and figures from millions of rounds played by...

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Gift Ideas for Every Golfer

As the 2018 year comes to a close, that means the Holidays are upon us. If you're a golf lover, or have a golfer in your life, we have a great list of products and discounts to help you find the perfect gift! These deals are good until December 25, 2018! Jeremy...

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Course Update Report – November 2018

As the Holidays are nearing, golf is slowing down a bit in the United States, while it is picking up in other countries across the globe. Our team has been busy keeping all those international courses up to date, with the help of our users.  If you notice your course...

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Is 8 Seconds, The Magic Number?

Have you ever timed yourself, or had a friend time you as you’re in the tee box? If you have, what’s your time limit over the ball? Is it consistent on every hole? If you haven’t, why not? According to Lynn Marriott & Pia Nilsson, of Vision 54, some of the best...

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The Importance of Communication Among Coaches and Athletes

In this little note, I wanted to touch base on something we call the Pit Crew in my world (the medical, fitness, biomechanical). I love Nascar racing so I use this analogy a lot. I guess for people who don’t understand auto racing, I will highlight it quickly. The...

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Course Update Report – October 2018

Working hard to provide our users with course updates, our team updated 217 courses this month, with 56 of those in the United States and 161 international courses. With over 40,000 courses in our database, we are constantly working to add more. The top played United...

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Golf Course Homes you Should Buy When You Win the Lotto

Winning the Mega Millions or Powerball, at their estimated Jackpot's of $1.6 Bilion and $620 million respectively, would bring anyone a great deal of joy and excitement. If you're an avid golfer, or just a big fan of the game we've got some homes stationed right near...

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3 Golf Coaches You Should Know

There is tremendous amount of confusion and resentment out there in the Golf and the Fitness worlds, and the moment you combine those two worlds, it seems there is an explosion of #Knowitallism! So this little summary will NOT be filled with any of that sort of...

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