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Course Update Report – October 2019

The holidays are fast approaching, and we have been busy keeping courses updated in Golfshot for you! This month we updated a total of 184 courses worldwide, with 66 of those courses in the United States and 118 international courses. Our top played United States...

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Golfshot Subscription Breakdown

Over the last year, there have been some changes with Golfshot when it comes to features, pricing, and updates. We wanted to make sure the breakdown of our subscriptions was clear and concise. We have Three (3) subscription types. Our new and improved product...

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Course Update Report – September 2019

With Fall upon us, Golfing is slowing down here in the United States and picking up abroad. this month, we updated a total of 191 courses, with 60 of those courses in the United States and 101 of those being international courses. If your course needs updating, please...

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Welcome Kentucky Golf Association (KGA)

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Kentucky Golf Association (KGA)! Now, Golfshot members in all of Kentucky can link their existing GHIN® Number to Golfshot and enjoy effortless Handicap Index® tracking and score posting to your GHIN® Account. "The...

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Changes Are Coming with the World Handicap System

It's been almost two years since the USGA has announced the new changes to come with the World Handicap System. Now just months away from 2020, here are a few things to keep in mind and understand about the new system coming into place.  1. Daily Updates Unlike the...

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Course Update Report – August 2019

Summer is coming to a close here in the United States, and warming up in other regions around the globe. This month, we updated a total of 284 courses, with 105 of those in the United States and 179 international courses. If your course needs updating, please email...

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Summer Send Off, Promos and More!

Summer is coming to an end and that means so is the PGA Tour. To ensure we send this summer off right we want to give you not one, but TWO ways to win something great! For our pro members, we want to give you something new and exciting, announcing the Liveview Golf...

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Course Update Report – July 2019

We have been working hard to update courses for you! In the month of July, we updated a total of 301 courses worldwide, with 127 of those being in the United States, and 174 international courses. The top played international course that was updated in July, was Golf...

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New Updates for Android Are Here!

It's been a long time coming but we have some incredible NEW features for our Android users! Android users now have the capability to have and use Auto-advance! This will allow users to stop fiddling with their phones to go from hole to hole. This feature will...

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