During the UIL Class 6A State Boys Golf Championship at White Wing Golf Club in Georgetown, Texas on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, Elijah Galvan of Lake Travis High School lines up his ball on the putting green.
Photo via. TheSportsRush

Through the ages, there has been a lot of struggle with tricky golf courses and how to handle those more effectively. Also, given that the courses cover a huge chunk of land, golfers struggled with measuring yardages and had to rely mostly on guesswork.

However, following technological advancements, golf simulators were introduced to track the result of a shot and help with putting and chipping. And now, the Golf GPS App comes as an angel in disguise as it not only provides golfers with yardage but also improves their game in various ways. Here are six of those ways in which the Golf GPS App can help in making one’s game better. 

Tracking how far the clubs hit a golf shot

The two greatest golfers covering the farthest distances are Tiger Woods and Colin Montgomerie, who favored pin high for their approach shots. But the only reason why all their shots didn’t result in a birdie was because they couldn’t control their distances. Even, in amateur golf, pinning high plays an essential part. If someone hits a 50 ft shot but is pinning high, then there are chances of a putt. But sometimes this trick solely doesn’t work and the golfer may miss the spot by a few yards. 

Now, this is where the app comes into play. Apps like Golfshot store the yardage of each stroke by a club and will guide how far one should hit the club to be closer to the hole. This will help to opt for better clubs and also keep track of the distance. But none of these will work out without a good strategy which is something that the app also provides.

Helps curate a good strategy 

A caddie’s job is to take note of the hazards in a course and suggest the right clubs to tackle those bunkers. The app acts as a virtual caddie. The hazards are zoomed in on the app so the golfer can understand their extent and know how to avoid them. The app also has more features to understand shot patterns.

Understanding shot patterns and tendencies 

The app helps to learn a golfer’s tendencies with every club. The auto-shot tracking feature of Golfshot tracks all shots in a round and gives a detailed analysis. Through this, a golfer can understand his patterns and missing tendencies and accordingly plan for necessary club alterations or other changes. Apart from knowing particular shot patterns, the app also helps with overall statistics.

Aiding in keeping statistics 

Apps that track strokes gained statistics can give a brief overview of a golfer’s overall game and share feedback on the strengths and weaknesses. Like, if someone’s strokes gained are +1.2 from the tee, +1.8 in approach play, and -2.9 in putting, then it’s evident that practicing on the greens has to be worked on to get better. Also, strokes gained is the most accurate measure to identify which arena needs to be worked on, as it provides an overall analysis. Once, the overall game gets better, the app helps to speed up the pace.

Speeding up the pace of play

The app helps to speed up if someone is playing at a slower pace or taking up too much time for one shot. Take fewer shots using the Golf GPS App and help your game get faster. Also, if there’s a golf tracker on the wrist then for yardages and distances, a golfer doesn’t need to fetch his rangefinder and that can save time. The GPS app makes golf more convenient and even lets one know about their position on the course with respect to time. This will make one understand if he’s running behind.

Accurate yardage avoids guesswork

Taking a look at the farthest distances and doing guesswork, which may fail sometimes, is quite draining. Rather, if there’s an app that provides accurate data for yardages, that can make the game easier and help drop more birdies. The Golf GPS app does just that and helps golfers track their distance and play accordingly.