2020 may have come and gone, but Covid still remains. We put together a few points to keep you and your Golf partners safe when out on the course!

First things first, if you wake up before your scheduled tee time and you’re not feeling well, STAY HOME! During this pandemic we have a duty to take care of ourselves which in turn, will take care of others. 

Try to be as impersonal as possible, in a good way! Book your tee time online or via phone, try to avoid the Pro shop or comse proximity areas and put your shoes on in the parking lot before leaving your car. Any way to keep distance between yourself and others is key! 

Come prepared! Sanitize wipes to wipe down the golf cart, your clubs if you are sharing. Bring hand sanitizer in case there are no places to wash up. Lucky for our members, you won’t need to worry about grabbing a scorecard or sharing a pencil, you can just score using the app!

Space it out! It’s usually customary to let those ahead of you have a bit of space but also to let them know you’re behind them so they shouldn’t dilly dally! Now with social distancing, make sure to give those ahead of you a little room to make their play and be on their way! Most courses should be aware of spacing out tee times by 12-15 minutes to give everyone ample time to move at a decent pace while keeping everyone safely distanced! 

Get some exercise! Most courses are very good about cleaning and disinfecting each and every cart when it comes back in from a round. If you’re someone who is still a bit uneasy about sharing carts though, just grab your clubs and take a hike, literally! Walking the course not only keeps you safe and distanced, but it also is a great way to burn some extra calories and bump that heart rate up! 

“Golf has got to be one of the safest sports under the current circumstances,” said Dr. Charles G. Prober, a professor of pediatrics (infectious diseases) and of microbiology and immunology at Stanford University. 

Let’s keep courses open and let’s keep our fingers crossed that if yours is closed, it opens sooner rather than later!