At one time or another, you may counter a slight glitch when trying to find your course. No app is perfect, we know this, but we try our best to have your back 24/7! Have no fear, our Golfshot support team has some quick tips and ideas on how to fix this in a pinch!

Golfshot has over 46,000 courses in our database. You can search our entire course database here: play.golfshot.com.

To sync courses go to the Settings screen and select Courses. Turn on any of the regions where you play golf (we don’t recommend syncing with everything, just where you play).

If you see your course on our website but can’t find it in the app try a hard reinstall. Please uninstall Golfshot and delete it from your settings. Go to Settings > Under ‘More’ > Tap Application Manager > Golfshot > Uninstall > Also tap – Clear Data and Clear Cache (if you have an Android device).

If you’ve tried all the above and still cannot locate your course, it’s easy to submit a course request! Head here: https://play.golfshot.com/contact and click courses on the left hand side to submit your course!

Once you sign back in you should have access to your course!