We’re a little over a month into the new year and Golfshot is ready to tee off into the future of golf as we swing into 2024! Just to put things into perspective, just last year we had over 11 million rounds played, a little over 57 million shots automatically tracked, and played a combined 24 million hours of golf. 

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer who has been using Golfshot for years, or are just starting your own golf journey, we’re excited to share what’s coming to Golfshot in 2024!


2024 will officially be the year that Golfshot bridges the gap between on-course performance and practice for game improvement through real DATA that you can take to the range or to your golf instructor. If you know the game of golf, you know there are no quick fixes. It’s time spent on the range, in the practice bunker doing repetition after repetition – grinding!

We’re not here to make empty promises on you getting better in a day, a week, or shooting under 80 after a month of drills if you’re a 25 handicap. We’re here to do something revolutionary for your golf game and do it in a way that’s never been done before. We collect millions upon millions of real data points from our members from around the world, why wouldn’t we use that to help you get better? Like for real, get better through real data that you collect on the course every time you play. Like Jerry Maguire said, “Help me, help you!”
And that’s exactly what we’re going to do, show you where you have areas to improve, give you plans to actually get better and sure, show you a few quick tips that might help you fix those yips.

As mentioned already with Swing ID On-Range, we’re taking Golfshot to the range, practice green, and even golf instructors (down the road) in 2024 and beyond with features like:

Originally created in 2012, Golfplan was a first-of-its-kind instruction and game improvement. In 2024, Golfplan will take a new data-driven approach to help you play your best golf. By leveraging Auto Shot Tracking, Strokes Gained, Swing Analysis, and upcoming On-Range and practice area features, Golfplan will create a personalized plan for members that identify the greatest opportunities to lower their scores.

Player Performance Reports
Player Performance Reports (PPR) will provide golfers the data they need to understand their game, improve, and discover trends over time that give them the insights they need to play better golf. The PPR is set to redefine how golfers approach game improvement by providing unmatched and unbiased insights into their gameplay. This feature not only enhances the Golfshot experience but also reinforces our commitment to innovation and excellence in golf technology.




Expanding Auto Strokes Gained
Auto Strokes Gained has been a success since its inception in the summer of last year, and since then we’ve been trying to think of other ways to make it even better. We just introduced Strokes Gained for Android, as well as updates to IOS such as:

* New Automatic Lie Type Detection
* New Feature to add Putt Distances on Scoring Screens for Android phone and Wear OS
* New ‘Set Pin’ mode on Android phone and Wear OS while you are on the green
* Optimized Shot Editor
* New Round Setting to mark rounds as ‘Reviewed for Strokes Gained’
* New Strokes Gained Statistics located in Golfshot Statistics

Along with the new updates, we are also going to be introducing Strokes Gained by Handicap. This will allow members to measure their performance against players of similar or different handicaps/ability. This is a change from the current version, where members can only compare against a Pro.


Our Very Own Golfshot Lab
Along with these new features, we’re planning on making improvements to Swing ID, including better accuracy, higher frequency measurements, and new KPI’s. We’ve invested in our own Golfshot Lab to continue to evolve and innovate Golfshot while ensuring you’re getting the most accurate and reliable that we can provide from all of our features. Collecting, analyzing, and evolving our data utilizing the latest launch monitor technology from Foresight, will help ensure that your data from Golfshot is always accurate and reliable.

All of this to say, 2024 is going to be a great year for Golfshot, and we can’t wait for you, our members, to be a part of it. As always, thanks to our members for being part of our global Golfshot community. We couldn’t do this without you.

Chief Growth Officer