Hey, golfers! BIG, BIG News–it’s finally that time! We’re thrilled to finally bring you Swing ID On Range for iOS! This has been the most requested feature since we launched Swing ID last April. With On Range, Golfshot is the first golf GPS app to go to the range and provide you GPS Distances using driving range targets, Shot Dispersion, and Swing ID swing analysis with Apple Watch. Apple already shared news about On Range in their Apple Newsroom post which garnered additional coverage from different media outlets:

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You can also use On Range at home to save shots and swing data for ongoing analysis and improvement. We’re really excited to finally bring this to you and think it’s going to be a game changer for you and for Golfshot. Since its inception, Golfshot has been the number one on-course utility for golfers; On Range will be our first feature that lets you use Golfshot to help improve your game off the course.

No more guessing distances to targets at the range or looking for range signs. On Range uses your GPS location to set the distances to targets with an easy-to-use interface on your iPhone.

Alex Flores, the Chief Growth Officer, notes that, “Golfshot has been on the journey of being the first golf app to connect on-course play and performance to off-course practice and improvement for over four years. Our goal has been to empower our members to get better through real and reliable data. Getting better at golf takes time and ongoing analysis of your game on and off the course. On Range paired with iPhone and Apple Watch, is the first off-the-course tool to provide real, personalized, and understandable data to golfers that they can use to refine their golf swing and shoot lower scores.”

Get all the same Swing ID KPIs that you’re used to on the course, but now on the range or at home. This includes Tempo, Rhythm, Hand Speed, Swing Path, Back Swing Arc, Transition, Wrist Rotation, Closure Rate, and Impact Plane. Using advanced machine learning technology, Swing ID analyzes your swing, provides personalized swing analysis, and identifies areas for improvement with a 3D animation of your swing rendered on your iPhone or your Apple Watch.

Practice makes perfect, right? Now, every trip to the practice range becomes an opportunity to improve your swing and level up your game. Using real-time analysis, tailored tips, and progress tracking, Swing ID On Range is the perfect tool to use to collect all of your data–whether it’s on the range, on the course, or with a golf instructor. 

Ready to elevate your game? Download the latest update from Golfshot to try On Range, and unleash your potential on the range or at home! Keep an eye out for more exciting updates and features from Golfshot–we’re just getting started.

Swing ID On Range is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch, but for the best results, use Apple Watch 8 and above.

Have questions? Take a look at our FAQ page for all questions related to On Range, or take a look at this short overview demo for On Range!