Hey there, golf enthusiasts! Have you heard about the rising star in the golfing world? It’s Wearable Technology–and boy is it taking off. Golfshot has seen a nearly 50% increase YoY (Year Over Year Growth) in Wearable Rounds Started and Auto Shot Tracking. One of the major players in this tech revolution is the mighty Apple Watch – it’s certainly changing the way golfers play using Golfshot. Google’s reinvestment in Android Wear devices is also driving more wearables on the golf course.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on old-school methods like jotting down notes on paper; say goodbye to the hassle of analyzing your game by manually writing down shot data. Wearable technology, like the Apple Watch combined with apps like Golfshot has made tracking your game easier and better than ever.

You might be wondering, “What’s the big deal?” Well, let me tell you. With Golfshot and the Apple Watch, you can track every single moment on the course. We’re talking about Distances, Auto Shot Tracking, Scoring, Swing ID and even detailed statistics. Golfshot will soon offer the most automated Strokes Gained solution in the world. Most of this is done automatically, without you having to lift a finger (except for swinging that club, of course)!

Imagine the freedom of focusing solely on your game, without the distractions of note-taking and data management. Golfshot with Apple Watch does all the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on every shot, every moment, and just the pure enjoyment of being on a golf course.

Let’s talk about shot tracking: It’s a game-changer. With Golfshot and Apple Watch, you can track every single shot with ease. No more guesswork or relying on your memory. Each swing is automatically recorded and monitored, giving you accurate and reliable data. It’s like having your own personal golfing historian by your side!

So, my fellow golf aficionados, it’s time to embrace the rise of wearable technology in golf. Join the Revolution. The Apple Watch + Golfshot is your secret weapon to take your game to the next level. Say goodbye to the old-school methods and hello to a new era of effortless tracking and analysis.

Gear up, strap on that Apple Watch, and get ready to conquer the golf course like never before. Let’s embrace the power of wearable technology and unleash the golfer within you!

Happy golfing, folks!

Kyle Schomer, Senior Product Manager