Playing golf at the local 9 hole public course all summer with my best friends was part of growing up for me starting at the age of 10. Our parents would splurge on the monthly all-you-can-play pass as a means to teach us a game they found valuable or to keep us busy and out of trouble. I think it was the latter.

We were all self-taught golfers – focusing more on other sports like soccer, football and baseball. My older brother bought me my first junior set of clubs and none of us thought of investing our time or our parents’ money in getting golf lessons.

Not knowing anything about golf beyond the fences that housed our janky nine hole course, we would play 18-27 holes every other day. We were with our friends causing trouble on the course with no one but the course ranger to yell at us.

Flash forward 24 years. I am now a father of three and landed a job I truly enjoy in the golf industry. My oldest is an eight-year-old boy who wants to do what dad does: mountain bike, play soccer, fix stuff and of course, play golf.

I’m about an 11 handicap and have learned a few things about golf over the years. One thing I needed help on was communicating to my son on how to play golf. Setup, grip, stance, touch, etiquette… it was all impossible to explain after just knowing it (or thinking I knew it) for as long as I could remember.

Luckily for me, the folks at PGA Jr Golf Camps became a partner and I was able to sign up my son for one of their half day camps. It was a week-long camp from 9am-12pm everyday. And everyday at 12:09pm I would get a status call on what he learned and how much fun it was. He learned how to line-up his putts, have a proper grip, drive the ball far and most importantly, how much fun it can be to play golf.

The instructors were welcoming from the moment he arrived – having him stick with things until he learned them while providing a great environment where he could learn with other kids who shared his passion for golf. At the end of his fourth day of camp, he was already asking when he could do his next Jr. camp.

He may not end up being Jordan Spieth on the golf course, but his new found excitement for the game is something we can enjoy together on the course until dad needs a cane. I credit PGA Jr. Golf Camps for helping him better understand the game and thus enjoying it more than ever. His next golf camp is in August.

Alex is Director of Product Marketing for Golfshot.