The Human Skills are about creating a good performance state. What state is best for your mind, body, and emotions?

When it comes to Golf, there are 2 very important aspects to the game, the technical aspect, and the human aspect.

Vision54 is an organization that emphasizes the human component in addition to the technical.  Technical skills x Human skills = Performance.

With that being said, there are three main areas they begin to focus on when it comes to any golfer’s performance routine :

Think Box before a shot
Play Boxduring a shot
Memory Boxafter a shot
The Think Box – BE Decisive!

Every shot requires you to make a decision in a confident way and you trusting your decision about the club, shot and your Play Box. Also get present and engaged before stepping into the shot.

The Play Box – BE Focused!
Every shot requires you to be focused /present/athletic until the end of the motion. No more thinking, 100% sensory. The shorter time you need the easier it is under pressure.

The Memory Box- BE Confident!

For every shot, you want to manage what your brain stores as a memory. Be neutral/objective to shots and processes you did not like. Be positive/happy to shots and proceeds that are great/good/ good enough. Emotions make memories stick in the brain.

Vision54 focuses on the human being playing golf, not just the technical aspect of the game. Our main goal at VISION54 is to help golfers not only swing better, be more fit, manage your mind or putt better, but to make sure you as a player can transfer these skills and perform better on the course when it matters. We believe that you have a unique strategy for playing great golf and we want you to take great care in discovering what works best for you – MY54. By doing this, you will gain clarity about your unique strategy for playing great golf, and therefore will achieve it more often.