Well Auto Strokes Gained hit the market a little over a month ago, and it’s been a huge success. In case you’re unaware, Auto Strokes Gained is a game-changing metric that goes beyond a simple handicap. This incredibly helpful metric is used to measure a players performance and breaks down shot data into four core shot types: Off the Tee, Approach the Green, Around the Green and On the Green. By doing this, Golfshot members will be able to get individualized feedback of their own game and find out where they are gaining and losing strokes out on the course. This type of analysis is crucial if you want to learn how and where you need to work on your skills. 

The World’s First Auto Strokes Gained” feature, as credited in a recent article by Golf Monthly, has been a huge success in the eyes of not only Golfshot Team, but members in the golf community as well. To put this all together, Golfshot has had more than 130 people working to get this feature put out as flawlessly as possible. While other strokes gained systems require the purchase of other devices or manually entering the data yourself, Golfshot has simplified this method by the use of an Apple Watch. You can also track strokes gained manually from your iPhone if you don’t have an Apple Watch. No need for additional sensors – Golfshot’s Machine Learning Technology automatically detects your swing motion and contact.

The Auto Strokes Gained functionality is fully automated and completely eliminates the need for manual note-taking, which some Golfshot members have said has been a game changer for them.

“Just tried the new Auto Strokes Gained feature with my Apple Watch and it’s a life saver. Almost all my data is auto tracked for my end of round analysis. Don’t mind putting in my putt distance [because] I used to spend 2 hours post round calculating my Strokes Gained. Not anymore! Thanks Golfshot. Best app out there by far!!!”

No matter how experienced or not you are, Auto Strokes Gained is designed to tell you what parts of your game you need to improve the most. 

As noted in a recent article written by MyGolfSpy, the author John Barba explains how easy it was to use the feature and how impressed he was by its simplicity. Barba also acknowledged the fact that while Auto Strokes Gained is a game changer in terms of technology, it relies on the user to know how to interpret the data to use for themselves.

“Accurate data, no matter where it comes from, by itself won’t help you get better. What you do with that data, and how effectively you work on what that data is telling you is what ultimately helps you improve.”

Since launching in late July, we’ve collected some important data and ongoing statistics from members using Auto Strokes Gained. First, there have been roughly 46,190,000 shots tracked, 566,460 pin locations set and roughly 36,518 rounds reviewed for Auto Strokes Gained. That’s a lot of data, but what can this kind of data teach us?

Getting into more specifics in regards to handicaps, the data shows that, on average, a 20 HCP, on average, is losing about 23 strokes per round when compared to a Pro. Almost half of those strokes (41%) are lost on Approach. On Average, players with a 20 HCP have the most improvement potential when focusing on Approaching the Green.  

A 10 HCP, on average, is losing about 14 strokes per round when compared to a Pro. More than one third of those strokes (37%) are lost on approach. Players with a 10 HCP have the most improvement potential when focusing on approaching the green, but as a 10 HCP, focusing on other parts of the game is important too in order to improve your overall SG. 

For mid to high handicappers, Approaching the Green is clearly the biggest opportunity in their game. Golfshot’s Data shows that players with a 10 HCP are gaining 4.3 strokes On Approach per round vs. a 20 HCP player.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best and most accurate data for golfers to help them improve their performance and lower their scores. Data is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal and Golfshot is committed to creating tools that help make this kind of data more accessible to all. If you haven’t tried Golfshot’s Automatic Strokes Gained feature yet, download Golfshot Pro on iOS today and give it a shot; all new members are eligible for a free 7-day Trial.” 

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