The Waste Management Phoenix Open (WMPO) stands out in the world of golf not only for its exciting gameplay, but also for its unique atmosphere and commitment to sustainability. Held every February in Scottsdale, Arizona at TPC Scottsdale, the tournament is known as one of the most exciting events on the PGA Tour, and attracts top players and large crowds every year. In addition to its lively ambiance, the WMPO is also recognized for its commitment to sustainability and environmental efforts, truly setting it apart as a one-of-a-kind golfing event.

Golfshot has been the market’s leading GPS app, not only because of its ability to accurately give distances, or because of its user-friendly interface, but because our data has been proven time and time again to provide on-course, near-faultless data that helps you improve your game. With the WMPO in full swing, we see this as a fit time to showcase our data we’ve collected from you, the Golfshot members, from the TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course.  

Did you know you can do a course preview feature on the Golfshot app, where you can pick whatever course you will be playing, and look up all of the stats before you play? For example, looking up TPC Scottsdale – Stadium, it automatically tells you it’s a Par 71 and 7,261 yards. It also mentions–as of February 5th–7,566 Golfshot members have played there. Golfshot also provides a projected score based on your average to par. Lastly, it gives an updated scorecard, so you are fully prepared for your round.

Now, it’s no secret that Hole 16 at the WMPO is one of the most iconic holes in professional golf. Known as “The Coliseum,” this par-3 hole is renowned for its crazy atmosphere and unique-style seating surrounding the green. According to Golfshot, the hole measures approximately 163 yards from the tips, and features a relatively straightforward tee shot over some Arizona brush to a large green. According to our data, the average score has been a 3.6, with an average GIR of 52.22%, and the average putts of 1.8%. Relatively speaking, it seems like our Golfshot members are kicking butt out there with their Par-3 shots.

Hole 16 Course Preview on the Golfshot App

Aside from Hole 16, TPC Scottsdale offers numerous other exciting holes that offer some challenges with its length and layout. Golfshot offers yardage data and allows all users to dissect the course hole by hole, and come up with a strategic plan going into their round. 

For instance, according to Golfshot data, Hole 12 is the hardest hole on the course. With the course preview feature, it allows users to see a birds-eye view of the course and it shows the distance to the center of the green with total hole yardage, par, and difficulty–and with the Pro version, it will even give you a club recommendation based on the data you put into Golfshot. With that being said, according to our data, this difficult Par-3 has an average score of 3.77, with the average putts of 1.8%. 

Hole 12 at TPC Scottsdale. Picture via. GolfPass

In conclusion, delving into the Golfshot data through the eyes of the Waste Management Phoenix Open has provided fascinating insights into the performance of professional golfers at one of the most exhilarating tournaments on the PGA Tour. Through meticulous analysis of shot data, we’ve been able to uncover trends, strategies, and standout performances that shed light on the intricacies of the game at the highest level. When is it going to be your turn to play at the TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course? We know you’ll be prepared!