At Golfshot, we strive to be the #1 worldwide golf GPS app on the market. With golfers in 78 countries, over 35 Million rounds played, 47,000 courses mapped, and over 11 million shots tracked since 2021, we continue to push the boundaries of technology to truly help you play your best golf. 

So what can you expect from Golfshot this year and beyond?

The success of Automatic Shot Tracking for Apple Watch and Android Wear has provided a new, data-driven approach to helping golfers get better. Our goal is to let you use your existing devices to track shots automatically and enjoy detailed analysis with calculations like Strokes Gained. We want the data you collect on the course to tell you where you need to improve and how.

If you know the game of golf, you know there are no quick fixes. It’s time spent on the range, in the practice bunker doing repetition after repetition – grinding! Here at Golfshot, we want to be your partner in that journey of improvement and with you when you stick it within 2 feet or finally break 100, 90, 80, or 70 (to be that good). 

In 2023, Golfshot will bridge the gap between on-course performance and practice for game improvement. Through automated data tracking on the course via wearable tech, Golfshot will provide you insights, data, and direction on your game that you can take to the range or to your golf instructor. 

Swing ID 

The first step in improving your swing is analyzing it. Level up your analysis with Swing ID (Swing Individual Data) on Apple Watch, from Golfshot. With key metrics like Swing Plane, Tempo/Rhythm, Hand Speed, and more, you can hone in on consistent golf shots. With real-time and post-round analysis on every shot, Golfshot members can identify swing issues and make corrections for improved performance.

Optimizing your swing can help you hit the ball longer, straighter or just achieve more consistency on the golf course.

Strokes Gained 

It’s not just for the Pros anymore. Strokes Gained provides a more accurate representation of a player’s skill level compared to classic golf stats. Strokes Gained accurately helps identify a player’s biggest opportunities for improvement – giving you an advantage on the field. Golfshot makes Strokes Gained easy by using our proprietary Auto Shot Tracking system to collect data for every shot like geo-location, lie type distance to the hole, and more. This automated solution makes it easier to get your data without tracking it on pen and paper or without additional devices. 

At the end of each round, your Strokes Gained Stats will be available for review and analysis. Coming later this year.

Optimizing Course Maps

In partnership with StrackaLine, Golfshot has updated 24,000 golf course maps this year. Golfshot Course Maps are richer and more accurate than ever before. These updates will provide Golfshot Members with a more accurate experience on the course in tracking statistics for their game.

Golfplan 2.0

Golfplan 2.0 takes a new data-driven approach to help you play your best golf. By leveraging Auto Shot Tracking, Strokes Gained, Swing analysis, and upcoming on-range and practice area features, Golfplan will create a personalized practice plan for members that identify their greatest opportunities to lower scores. 

Global Golf Data

As one of the only global golf GPS apps, Golfshot is looking to enable golf companies of all sizes to build, promote, and enhance products and services by leveraging our on-course data on over 47,000 golf courses worldwide. 

Through Golfshot, golf manufacturers, media, and lifestyle businesses will be able to analyze millions of data points in real time at high local levels using global data. Better decision-making, global market research, and real-time golf trends are all things to come from Golfshot’s accurate and reliable golf data.