What makes a good golf swing? Or maybe, what makes a bad swing? What if there was some easy way to know the difference? And what if “this way” helped you understand how to put the ball in the fairway more, hit more greens, and ultimately shoot lower scores?  

If you’re like millions of golfers who have ever been enamored with the game, you’ve likely suffered through the frustration of hitting lousy shot after lousy shot. Whether you’re hitting them fat, topping, slicing the ball or just missing it entirely, it can be really frustrating and it all boils down to how you’re swinging the golf club. Most golfers don’t really want to take the time to understand their swing, and lessons can be intimidating and expensive. Don’t get us wrong we love golf coaches and instructors, but our goal is to help the masses play their best golf!

We all know what a good golf swing looks like from silky, smooth Fred Couples to the power of Tiger and Rory. But even odd swings can produce great results. Look at the current number one in the world Jon Rahm (Go Devils – we’re a Tempe, AZ Co.). His swing is unique, and it’s built around his body’s specific needs. Even the highest-ranking players in the world have swings that look slightly different when you compare them, and the rest of us aren’t much different.

Our point is that every swing is different, but not necessarily less effective. So, without going to a lesson, using an expensive launch monitor like Trackman or Flightscope (which are awesome), how do you get information and data about YOUR swing?

Here’s where we can help! This Spring, we’re very excited to bring you Swing ID by Golfshot. Through the use of an *Apple Watch 6 or newer, Swing ID (Individual Data) will break down your swing into fundamental KPIs so you can better understand the mechanics and tendencies of your swing. Dialing in your Swing ID consistency can offer more effective ways to improve and even create better experiences on the golf course. Swing ID will provide the following:

  • Tempo
  • Rhythm
  • Hand Speed
  • Transition
  • Swing Path
  • Backswing Arc

We’re not claiming to be Trackman or some of these personal launch monitors, but this is pretty cool stuff! Just needing an Apple Watch and Golfshot to get a good idea of what you’re doing wrong OR right is huge – and this is all while you’re just playing golf normally. No additional sensors, devices, or gadgets are needed. 

Be on the lookout for an official launch date of Swing ID this Spring and more details. Our mission is to help you play your best golf and we think Swing ID will be a great component of that in 2023.

*We recommend an Apple Watch 6 or newer for the best experience using Swing ID. Swing ID will work on older models of Apple Watches, but through our testing, Apple Watch 6 and above performed the best.