With the World Handicap System still being fairly new, we have seen an influx of questions pertaining to the new rules. We’ve compiled a long list of FAQ’s and hope they help you out!

Is Golfshot compatible with the World Handicap System?

Yes! Golfshot Pro members can link or purchase while Plus members can link any GHIN® to our Handicap Index® feature. GHIN® abides by the World Handicap System.

Without an official handicap, Golfshot will calculate you an Average to Par which follows the current rules of golf. This will closely resemble the World Handicap System but the equation won’t be as exact.

Only regions using GHIN® can use the official World Handicap System with Golfshot.

Why can’t I post my 9 hole rounds?

Currently, Golfshot does not support posting 9 hole rounds to your Handicap Index®. This includes 9 hole rounds played on 18 hole courses and 9 hole course rounds. We are considering this for future development. Please visit GHIN.com and sign in to post these rounds.

Why have some of my scores on certain holes been adjusted to a lower score?

In order to minimize the effects of one bad hole, or one bad round on your overall Handicap Index®, the USGA® and World Handicap employ a system using Net Double Bogey. This formula allows for a maximum of a net double bogey on any hole for posting to GHIN®.

Is ESC still relevant?

ESC Scoring is no longer something that World Handicap is using. Instead, the World Handicap System is using Net Double Bogey.

These are only a few of the questions we have been getting. Head over to our designated Handicap support page here to view many more helpful tips on navigating the World Handicap System!