If you’ve ever played golf you’ve probably been asked: “what’s your handicap?”. This is a common question and way to measure your golf game against your family, friends, and opponents.

The only issue with this is that it currently is not world wide. If you were to play St. Andrews and shoot a tremendous score, you would not be able to average that into your current handicap as the USGA does not support that International course rating. Coming January 1, 2020, this will all change.

Over the next few weeks, we will be reviewing the new changes on a number of topics. With this new implementation, things like the weather will change and impact your score,  there will now be a minimal number of scores needed to obtain a Handicap Index, there will be Handicap revisions daily, the maximum handicap will now be 54 and more.

Stay tuned as we continue to dig in on these topics and give you all you need to know for the World Handicap changes for 2020.