Swing ID On Range

Golfshot is the first golf gps app to go to the range with Swing ID On Range.
Get Driving Range Targets, Distances, Shot Dispersion, and Swing ID swing analysis with Apple Watch.

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With Swing ID On Range, Golfshot members can go to the  driving range to get distances to range targets and save swing data for analysis and improvment. Since it’s inception, Golfshot has been the number one On-Course utility for golfers. On Range lets you use Golfshot off the course to bridge the gap between your on-course play and performance and your off-course practice routine.

And if there’s not time to get to the range, you can use On Range at home hitting into a net or on your simulator for even more swing data.

What Do You Get with Swing ID On Range?

No more guessing distances to targets at the range. On Range uses your GPS location to set the distances with an easy-to-use interface on your iPhone. Get all the same Swing ID KPIs that you’re use to on the course, but now on the range or at home.

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Swing ID Data


Shot Dispersion


Shot Distances


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