Handicap Index®

Per the USGA Handicap System, a Handicap Index® is issued through an authorized golf club. Golfshot has partnered with the NCGA, SCGA, WSGA, and AGA to provide authorized golf clubs in their jurisdiction for you to join. If you would like your Authorized Golf Association to work with Golfshot, have them contact us at support@golfshot.com.

Golfshot has teamed up with the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) and the Southern California Golfshot Association (SCGA) to let you maintain a Handicap Index® directly from Golfshot! Pro members can link an existing GHIN® Number to their Golfshot account and post scores.

GHIN® stands for Golf Handicap and Information Network®, a service that helps golfers maintain a Handicap Index®. A GHIN® Number is like your personal handicap account number. You can use this number to post scores to your Handicap Index® from your home golf club, online, or from any licensed club in America.

Thanks to our partnership with the Northern California Golf Association, you can purchase a GHIN® Number through Golfshot. We’ll link your GHIN® Number to your Golfshot account automatically.

With Golfshot, maintaining your Handicap Index® has never been easier. Once you’ve linked your GHIN® Number, rounds played with Golfshot can be posted directly from the app. This means no more trips to the clubhouse, and no more crumpled scorecards in your back pocket!

Pro members can link an existing GHIN® Number to Golfshot. You can purchase a Pro membership as an in-app upgrade or by going here.

Once you’re a Golfshot Pro member, simply tap Handicap Index® on the Golfshot home screen and follow the instructions for linking your GHIN® Number.

That’s it. Now you can maintain your Handicap Index® directly from Golfshot!

You don’t have to be a professional to maintain a Handicap Index®. In fact, a Handicap Index® can open the door to new opportunities and help level the playing field out on the course. Once you’ve established a handicap, you can enter tournaments, join leagues, and compete against golfers of all skill levels.

Yes! Any Golfshot round played on a course with a USGA® slope and rating can be posted directly to your Handicap Index®.

You must post at least 5 scores in order to establish a Handicap Index®.

You must post at least 5 scores before your Handicap Index® can be calculated. Once you’ve posted 5 scores, your Handicap Index® will go through a revision period. Revision periods are on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Your Golfshot round may not be listed for posting because the course you played does not have a USGA® slope and rating.

There may be rare cases where a round played on a course with a USGA® slope and rating is still not listed for posting. This typically happens when teeboxes have changed since you played your round in a way that Golfshot has a hard time understanding. You can contact support@golfshot.com and we will help you resolve these issues.

In order to minimize the effects of one bad hole, or one bad round on your overall Handicap Index®, the USGA® employs a system known as Equitable Stroke Control (ESC). The ESC formula considers both your current handicap and the difficulty of the course you are playing to determine a maximum number of strokes that can count towards your overall score on each hole during a round. For example, ESC might dictate that a mid-handicap golfer, playing a course of average difficulty, take no more than a 7 on any hole on the course.

Unfortunately, Golfshot does not support a Handicap Index® for junior golfers at this time. If you are a junior golfer, and you would like to use Golfshot to maintain your Handicap Index®, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact or email support@golfshot.com to let us know you’re out there.

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