You must post at least 5 scores in order to establish a Handicap Index®.

You must post at least 5 scores before your Handicap Index® can be calculated. Once you’ve posted 5 scores, your Handicap Index® will go through a revision period. Revision periods are on the 1st and 15th of every month.

When you first downloaded Golfshot, you were prompted to allow or deny Golfshot access to your location. Golfshot needs access to your location in order to give you all the GPS features including tracking and aerial previews. “Always” does not mean that the GPS is always on. It indicates that Golfshot always has access when needed.

Go into your iPhone settings app, Privacy > Location Services > find Golfshot and set it to “Always”.

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One-time purchase apps are not transferable across competing platforms (iOS and Android). If you have purchased the Golfshot Plus app and wish to migrate to another platform (i.e. iOS to Android) you will be charged again. To bypass being charged you can install the free app Golfshot: Golf GPS and login to your existing account to access the Golfshot Plus feature set free of charge or upgrade to our Pro membership for even more game-changing features.

First try restarting your phone. You may also want to check that your firmware is current as old firmware can result in poor GPS performance. Finally, check that Golfshot has access to the GPS hardware in your phone by opening the Settings app > Privacy > Location Services > make sure Golfshot Plus is enabled.

Contact our support team at and select ‘Report a Course Problem’ and provide images of the current scorecard. Our mapping team will update your course within 14 days of receiving your request.

Your application purchases are tied to your Google Play or iTunes account and can be installed again without additional charges. You can install previous purchases by making sure you sign into your device with the same account you used to purchase Golfshot.

Golfscape uses a combination of the compass and new AR kit on the iPhone to determine direction to the hole. Depending on the accuracy of these items on your particular device, you may see some shift in their position. If the markers on the Golfscape screen are not centered, you may need to recalibrate your device. Just tap on the recalibrate button located at the bottom of the Golfscape screen. From here, center the finder on the flag to set its position.

For questions about tee times, Customer Support can be reached at or send us your feedback in the “About & Support” menu of your Settings. If you need to report a tee time cancelation due to weather, you can contact the GolfNow Customer Support Team at

The tee time inventory is based on supply and demand. When tee times are loaded into the system, the inventory is available, but tee times may sell through a number of different channels. To confirm the availability of the tee time, we suggest you begin the booking process as soon as you find that time and rate. Our system will check if the tee time is still available. If it is not, we will try to display the closest available tee time.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. In the U.S. only, we also accept Discover. Please check that your credit card information has been entered correctly. Double-check your card number and expiration date. If that does not work, contact or send us your feedback in the “About & Support” menu of your Settings

The Golfshot app will display the scorecard if your phone is turned horizontally. It uses the built-in accelerometer to determine when your phone is rotated. Rotating your phone to a vertical orientation will remove the scorecard view. You can disable this function in Settings > GPS, Scoring, Caddie > turn Show Scorecard on Rotate to Off.

Category: Troubleshooting

You can contact or email our support team at and one of our support specialists will help you with any issues.

Manage iTunes Subscription

  1. Go to Settings—> [Your Name] —> iTunes & App Store
  2. Tap Apple ID up top and then View Apple ID
  3. Go to Subscriptions —> Golfshot
Manage Online Subscription
  1. Sign into
  2. Go to Settings from the top right dropdown
  3. Click Memberships —> View Details
If you are having trouble or cannot find your subscription, please contact

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